Cardiff Snow- Feb 09

Monday, February 9, 2009

Snow Snow Snow!!

Thanks to anyone who held thumbs for snow!! On Monday night as I walked to my St John meeting, it started to come down quite a bit and by the time I arrived, Phil, who takes the meetings, told me that we were going to be cutting it short as the snow was coming down heavier and he didnt want people to get stuck in it. We had a very short talk and then left. I got a lift into town and by the time I got to the bus stop, it was coming down even heavier. It carried on getting heavier and I went to Bart's place for dinner.

After dinner, I decided to go out in his little garden and have a play in the snow. There was a nice thick layer on the ground so I was able to make a snow angel and start building a snowman...althought I didnt get too far and ended up with just a big I decided to go inside as I was wet and cold.

The next day there was still thick snow all over the ground and on my way to work, it started coming down very heavy again. It was so beautiful!! This carried on for 4 days, on and off and they say we could be getting a bit more tomorrow, although I think it could just miss us here.

I am suffereing the consequences of having a good time in the snow now though, I have a nasty cold, but it was all worth it!!

Enjoy the pictures!!


Michelle Ramsay said...

Thanks for the update Lee. Sounds like you had loads of fun - I love your "snow angel".

Hope you feel better soon and enjoy work.

Love u lots


Desire Fourie said...

I'm so glad you at last got to enjoy loads of snow. Its great that the miracle of snow still manages to amaze us. Hugs from Desire

Michelle Ramsay said...

I have left you a challenge, check out my blog.

Grant Ramsay said...

aah i wanna bee there... not fair

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